The new school year is about to begin. In the midst of a budget crisis, losing colleagues, fear of my own job loss, and uncerntainty about my career choice in the first place, I needed a place to record my experiences as I stand at one of the biggest crossroads--do I quit this job and find another? Do I change professions? and in the meantime, how do I deal with the students who drive me nuts?

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Small libraries suck. Upon asking the reference librarian how to best tell my students how to search the reference section, she tells me "have them search the catalog using Subject=dictionaries." Any reference librarian worth her salt knows reference includes much more than dictionaries. So in my academic library, there is no way to search the reference collection by subject. One's only option is to browse titles and look for material that may aply to the topic at hand. Nice....

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The meetings start in about two weeks and my goal is to chronicle this school year. I'm online a lot anyway so I figure this will be the easiest way to get it done!

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